Best Online Therapy Platforms for Seniors

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Therapy has no age restrictions, and there’s no shame in asking for help regardless of your years. 

Mental health is crucial to our general well-being in all stages of life, and sometimes nearing a senior age can be all kinds of terrifying. 

Therapy is more than necessary for everyone, and not just the confused youth or busy adult folk. 

Even seniors get down in their dumps occasionally and it’s of high importance to counter these psychological issues, head on. 

Since older generations might feel skeptical about visiting a psychologist, there are more than a few online therapies that cater just to them! 

This is why we’ll try to show you the best online therapy platforms for seniors, the benefits of applying for one, and some advice on how we can help the elderly! 

Short on time? Here Are The Best Online Therapy Platforms for Seniors

  1. Betterhelp – The best overall online counseling platform offering a wide range of licensed therapists and comprehensive support.
  2. Faithful Counseling – Ideal for individuals seeking therapy grounded in their religious beliefs, providing faith-based guidance and support.
  3. Talkspace – Convenient online counseling platform with a diverse network of therapists to cater to various needs and preferences.
  4. 7 Cups – A supportive community providing free online counseling and emotional support through trained listeners.
  5. Blue Moon Therapy for Seniors – Specialized counseling tailored for senior individuals, addressing their unique needs and concerns.
  6. Calmerry Online Therapy – Affordable and accessible online therapy, connecting users with licensed professionals for personalized support.

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6 Best Online Therapy Platforms for Seniors

There are plenty of online therapy services for seniors, and some of the best are rated as such:

1. Blue Moon Therapy for Seniors 

 This online therapy caters specifically to seniors. With Blue Moon, seniors can even access telehealth therapy, if they find that talking through the phone makes them less uncomfortable.

It also offers at-home advising in all 50 states, which is useful if your senior is ‘allergic’ to online services or the internet. 

Blue Moon therapies accept Medicare payments, as well as insurance. However, without any, the therapy might cost you around $100 a session. 

2. Talkspace 

Although this platform is meant for all age groups, Talkspace has licensed therapists that can address and treat all kinds of issues.

They’re pretty helpful because they offer 24/7 availability of therapists in all mediums including telephone, video or text. Talkspace also offers psychiatric advice for medication and overall evaluation.

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3. 7 Cups 

A friendly and welcoming online counseling service that caters to all generations.

They have 24/7 available lines with trained volunteers and peers of all ages that are willing to communicate. They also have paid therapy sessions with professional therapists. 

4. BetterHelp 

The most popular platform on our list, BetterHelp offers online counseling via text, live chat, telephone or video chat.

They have one of the largest networks of qualified counselors that get matched to patients through a detailed assessment.

They are available through chat, video, or phone sessions whenever it’s convenient for their patients. 

5. Faithful Counseling 

Similar to online music therapy for seniors, Faithful counseling therapy brings seniors closer to an elevated, or spiritual experience.

If you think that prayer is what your elderly person needs, then maybe faithful counselors would provide just the right answers for them.

Their services are available via all mediums and are covered by most of the major insurance companies. 

6. Calmerry Online therapy

Calmerry online therapy is an affordable and accessible way for individuals to receive therapy services from the comfort of their own homes. According to a review by Forbes, Calmerry offers a simple and user-friendly platform that connects clients with licensed therapists who specialize in a range of mental health concerns.

The review notes that Calmerry offers a flexible and convenient service that can be accessed at any time, making it a great option for individuals with busy schedules or who may have difficulty accessing traditional therapy services. Additionally, Calmerry offers affordable pricing options, with the ability to choose from a range of subscription plans or pay-as-you-go options.

The review also notes that Calmerry places a strong emphasis on client privacy and confidentiality, with all sessions conducted through a secure and encrypted platform. Clients can also choose to remain anonymous during their sessions, which can be particularly important for individuals who may be hesitant to seek therapy due to concerns about privacy.

Overall, the review concludes that Calmerry is a reliable and accessible option for individuals seeking online therapy services. While it may not be the best fit for everyone, it offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional therapy services that may be beneficial for many individuals seeking mental health support.

How Can We Help the Elderly Psychologically?

Although they might not outright show it, our grandpas and grandmas can feel very lonely, exhausted, and mentally-drained.

They have so much life experience behind them that all those memories come flooding in when they reach retirement. 

Sometimes talking to your elderly can do loads, but differences in generations play a huge role here.

They might need someone to talk to closer to their age, and you, although they appreciate the effort, cannot adapt to what they need or what they’re used to. 

Some crucial ways you can help your older beloved ones is by: 

  • Helping the elderly schedule and handle appointments 
  • Locate the right medication 
  • Be present and always encouraging 
  • Record symptoms and include yourself in the therapy if you’re closely related. 

1. Helping the Elderly Handle Appointments 

Almost every older adult will feel nervous when starting therapy, so it’s important to get them as relaxed as possible.

They shouldn’t feel alone before or after the therapy, so it’s best for you or someone they trust to be present as a sign of encouragement. 

If they don’t have a clue about how online scheduling works, make sure to teach them how to ‘internet’ and arrange their meeting for them in advance.

The elderly already have enough trouble remembering, so a sticky note is an appropriate idea to keep them alarmed and informed. 

2. Locate the Right Medication 

When your senior relative finds the medication that works for them, try to install an app or employ a system that will remind them to take it on time.

If your senior has low income, you can find affordable pharmacies or apply for prescription aids plans.

3. Be there to Encourage 

Make sure to encourage your elderly that online therapy for seniors is the new modern thing, and it can help them feel much better about life and overall surroundings.

They might have lost their spouse, or a close friend so loneliness is a crucial factor in their worsened well-being. 

Providing a shoulder to cry on can do wonders, they’ll appreciate your effort and be more open to try online therapy.

Remind them of things that made them happy in the past, and the benefits of mental exercises. 

4. Record and Report Symptoms to the Therapy-giver 

Online therapy platforms for seniors works best if the therapist on the platform knows all the information your senior might not be giving out.

They should know about any inconveniences in the past, struggles, pathology reports, and hospital notes.

Be sure to be in close contact with the therapist and collaborate closely for the mental wellbeing of your senior relatives and getting the best results. 

Benefits of Online Therapy for Elderly & Seniors

Besides giving them a new obligation during the day, opening up about difficulties and countering loneliness, online therapy for seniors can offer many other benefits: 

  1. With online therapy, they don’t need to leave the comfort of your home 
  2. It only consumes little of their free time 
  3. It won’t tire them out or exhaust those dealing with chronic pain and illnesses
  4. Low chance of contacting someone and getting sick, especially in times of Covid
  5. It gives them the necessary social interaction 
  6. Helps curb loneliness and thus decrease depression 
  7. Seniors might feel better talking through a screen rather than face to face 
  8. It diminishes the potential discomfort of running into someone in the office

The Best Therapists for Seniors – Conclusion

Out of all the therapy experiences for seniors, Blue Moon and Faithful Counseling seem like the best online therapy platforms for seniors.

BlueMoon has a whole list of disorders and specialized therapists that treat them, all with Master’s degrees that concentrate on the elderly specifically.

Faithful Counseling might help out as it might reconnect your seniors with their faith in God. The workers here are all specialized psychologists with PhDs and PtsD. 

Talkspace might allow the senior to change their therapist if they wish free of charge, but there’s nothing listed that’s focused on the elderly.

7 Cups is more suitable to individuals with addictions or marriage issues. And Betterhelp might have extremely professional and licensed therapists, but they cater more to teens.

However, they do have one of the biggest networks of counselors, so you’re sure to find the appropriate one for your elderly relatives.  

It’s best to always choose an online therapist that gets along with your seniors, that believes in them, and is willing to help them become better.

Sticking to professionals who know exactly how to deal with the elderly is the best choice, so BetterHelp and Calmerry might be your winner! 

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