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Sleep isn’t only for our minds – our bodies require just as much of it, too!

Sleep is essential for good health and well-being. It’s necessary not just for a healthy lifestyle, but also for one’s optimal functioning on a daily basis.

When our typical sleep cycle is disrupted by a variety of circumstances – stress, psychological issues, or else – it can easily lead to insomnia – and that brings along a whole new set of health issues. 

Luckily, people who suffer from insomnia can now find a variety of online therapies that can radically improve their lives by improving their sleeping patterns. However, it can be difficult to distinguish the finest providers from the rest. 

Read everything there is to know about online therapy for insomnia – what it is, how to treat it, and which is the best therapy for insomnia.

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What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a common sleep problem that makes it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or go back to sleep.

Not only does insomnia deplete your mood and energy, but it can also affect your health, physical and mental performance, and overall quality of life. 

Stress, changes in your lifestyle and schedule, can all include short-term insomnia – it can persist anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

On the other hand, long-term insomnia is defined as insomnia that occurs several times per week for more than three months. 

According to the American Sleep Association, 30% of the adults in the USA suffer from short-term insomnia, while 10% suffer from long-term or chronic insomnia.

Insomnia is in no way a harmless alignment – it can have a significant impact on people’s daily lives and even lead to lethal consequences.

How Does Insomnia Affect Life? 

Insomnia is anything but merciful. The sleep impairment may not always have a definite, explainable cause,  but the devastating impact it has on our quality of life is as obvious in one way or another. 

Without proper sleep, our psychological system suffers a lack of rest – something that is required so our system can replenish and repair itself, thus functioning optimally. 

Our bodies grow more susceptible to a variety of diseases, some of which are chronic, in addition to the constant exhaustion and anxiety.

Here’s a list of the things that are most affected by insomnia:

  1. The central nervous system 
  2. The heart and cardiovascular system
  3. The immune system
  4. The body weight 

Regrettably, these are only a few of the illnesses brought on by insomnia. According to a clinical research study published in 2015, chronic insomnia has been shown to raise the chance of early death by as much as 97%.

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How to Cure Insomnia?

Sleeping meds are often used to treat insomnia in the majority of cases. While they may be beneficial in the short term, many studies believe that alternative approaches are more effective in the long run.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), according to researchers, can help people sleep better. 

It can help people modify their habits and change the thoughts that prevent them from falling asleep. 

It also emphasizes the development of relaxation skills and the modification of lifestyle factors.

Many companies presently claim to provide the best CBT and online therapy for insomnia – read on to find out which ones offer the most effective online therapies for insomnia today! 


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What is the Best Therapy Online for Insomnia?

We’ve compiled a list of online therapies for insomnia that have proven to be the most effective. In addition, we present the top five on the list. 

1. Cobalt Therapeutics’ RESTORE 

Cobalt Therapeutics is dedicated to improving people’s health by integrating validated software that improves behavioral health and primary care outcomes. 

Its software solutions are intended to assist patients in better managing their illnesses and enhancing their quality of life.

More than 80% of people who attempted the program showed considerable improvements. 

It revealed significant improvements in the amount of sleep they get, the time it takes to fall asleep, and the overall quality of sleep.

2. CBT for Insomnia 

CBT for Insomnia is a program whose main purpose is to help people overcome their insomnia.

It is the only program on the market that includes weekly-tailored CBT-I guidelines as well as comments from a globally recognized insomnia expert – Dr. Gregg Jacobs

Its program lasts five weeks and is a PDF-based CBT-I program. 

From those who utilized the program, 85% reported improved sleep, 80% reported a decrease in sleeping pills, and 70% reported an improvement in total sleep.

3. CBT-i Coach 

CBT-i Coach is a mobile app made for people who are doing CBT for insomnia with a healthcare provider, or who have had insomnia and want to improve their sleeping habits.

Users are guided through the process of learning everything about sleep, adopting pleasant sleeping patterns, and enhancing their sleeping circumstances via the app.

This app is not meant to be used on its own. It is intended to be used in a combination with a professional therapist who is trained in CBT-I. 

4. SHUTi 

SHUTi is web-based software for treating adults and the elderly. Its treatment technique is based on CBT principles for insomnia.

Its program lasts for 6 weeks and takes the user step by step through the process of improving sleep length and quality.

According to the evidence, it appears to be effective for the vast majority of users. It cured insomnia in more than 70% of 500 users. 

5. Sleepio 

Sleepio is a six-week program that helps people clear their minds, enhance their sleep, and have better days. 

The approach employs CBT techniques that have been proven in clinical traits for decades.

Sleepio is based on a large body of previous literature, as well as 30 years of clinical research.

Best Therapy for Insomnia: The Verdict

Insomnia is, without a doubt, a highly challenging condition, but with the right online therapy, insomniacs can put their issues to rest and incorporate an overall lifestyle balance. 

All therapies we listed are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the currently most in-demand and most efficient approach to treating insomnia and sleeping problems. 

They say ‘there’s no rest for the wicked’, but sleep experts say ‘there is, for those who know where to look.’

Don’t let insomnia get the better of you – seek treatment in time!  

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