Faithful Counseling Review

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In the booming market of online mental health providers, Faithful Counseling has a number of unique faith-based counseling plans. If you are on the lookout for an easily accessible human service provider and wish to have Christian beliefs included as an important part of your treatment, Faithful Counseling is a valid option to consider. After taking a thorough look at the webpage, we have gathered some key points about the business, along with a simple guide on how to get started with their services.

Pros of Faithful Counseling 

  • Customized online therapy for any practicing Christian
  • Video sessions are available
  • Unlimited text messaging is available
  • Matched up with a Christian therapist


Cons of Faithful Counseling

  • Not always covered by insurance
  • No free trial period
  • Faithfull counseling reviews are a bit lower than other similar companies


How to Sign Up

In order to make sure the clients get the most fitting treatment plan possible; the Faithful Counseling website uses modern algorithm technology. The process of matching the patient with a Christian therapist is carried out by a quick and thorough questionnaire, designed to help the patients map out their unique problems and find suitable treatment for them. You simply start your journey to improve your mental health right on the company website.

Screening Process

The screening process to match you with one of the licensed professional counselors is very simple and straightforward. The questions take a couple of minutes to answer, and they work as an effective tool to determine the focus points of the treatment, along with some specific goals and expectations.

You start by answering some general standard questions about your age, gender, experienced symptoms, and so on. After this, you proceed to describe your wishes on the faith-based aspects of your counseling. You are given the possibility to for example describe the type of treatment you wish to receive – ranging from spiritual mental health counseling to holistic treatment and advising services combining clinical practices with a Christian perspective. You really get to list your individual needs and tailor your own faith-based treatment plan.

After completing the questionnaire, the data is then gathered and sent to processing. Once finished, you receive an e-mail notifying your match with one of the licensed professional Christian counselors available on the website.

Faithful Counseling promise all their counselors, therapists, and clinical social workers possess at least three years of experience in the field of mental health, with a minimum of 2,000 hours of hand-on-experience. In addition to the clinical expertise, each of the counselors self-identify as practicing Christians. They are guaranteed to have beliefs that align with the verified ethical Statement of Faith, which determines the spiritual standing point of Faithful Counseling services.

Before connecting with patients, all counselors must first get accepted as a verified practitioner within the Faithful Counseling parent organization BetterHelp. Thorough the treatment plans, the counselors are expected to follow the Christian Statement of Faith and uphold the values stated in it as a fundamental part of their counseling practice.

When the Faithful Counseling algorithm has set you up with the perfect counselor, you are asked to create a secure user account. This private account is then used to log in on the website and access the private online therapy service platforms.

It is worth mentioning that in case the treatment is started and you for some reason feel you did not get a good fit in the matching process; you may seek to switch to another practitioner – all to ensure total client satisfaction.


Phone calls

Video Chats

Areas of Treatment

Every counselor at Faithful Counseling specializes in treating different specific mental health struggles. The company understands the unique nature of each of their clients’ situations, and they make sure to carefully cater to the individual needs of their patients.

Working from a Christian perspective, Faithful Counseling offers guidance by always keeping mindful of theological considerations. The combined professional expertise of their counselors is sure to cover the treatment of a variety of problems on different levels.

They promise to be able to find a well-equipped medical professional to assist their patients in dealing with a range of issues, such as anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, anger, relationship problems, grief, stress, parenting issues, trauma, self-esteem, family conflict, addictions, depression, eating disorders, religion, self-esteem, and LGBTQ matters.

Session Types

Faithful Counseling has set out four alternatives in how to get into contact with their counselors

These include 24/7 online therapy services, live chats, phone sessions and video chat. The patient gets to choose their preferred form of communication most suitable for their needs, and they have full freedom in changing it up whenever the situation calls for it.

How to Schedule a Session

All you need to access these features is a functioning online browsing device (a smartphone or a desktop device) and a reliable internet connection.

As for scheduling, this is a bit different, in many cases, as in many cases, this works similar to a message board, where you might leave a message, and then when the therapist sees it, they can write back.

Once logged in, every user gets a private “room” that is only accessible by themselves and their counselor. The room provides an efficient overview of your personal counseling, with all important information gathered in one place. All messages uploaded to the chats are available around the clock, which allows for a flexible, hassle-free conversation.

It is possible to also schedule other types of therapy, which is done right online at the website. It is an easy process according to a detailed Faithfull counseling review.

This is for those preferring a more structured treatment plan. The option of real-time chats, phone calls or video appointments is available. These sessions are easily scheduled through the simple booking system found inside the room.

Pricing and Privacy Policy

All services offered at Faithful Counseling are based on a subscription fee, ranging from $40 to $70 per week depending on your subscription length. The fee is billed monthly, and the membership can be canceled at any time and for any reason. Included in the price is free, unlimited messaging with your counselor, and the optional scheduled chat, phone or video sessions.

The subscription system allows you to customize your membership, so you only pay for the things you need. It is designed as an affordable alternative to your typical in-person therapy, which can at times get expensive.

As a company specializing in remote e-services, Faithful Counseling is very strict with the privacy of their customers. It upholds high standards, and report to always have up-to-date encryption and even offer the option of creating a completely anonymous user account for those who prefer to operate with a username instead of their given name.

To ensure bulletproof client safety, the company even goes as far as promising always having higher privacy standards than required by the law or official safety and privacy regulations.

Customer Support

 Faithful Counseling employs a real customer service team, who are constantly updating their platforms and making sure your interaction with their professional board is always kept smooth and safe. It is very easy to contact the team should you have any questions about your membership. They can also help with tech support and other issues that one might experience with the platform.


Faithful Counseling is a worthy option for those looking to include professional faith-based advising services into their mental health routines. The Christian-based mental health services are designed to help you guide you through your journey and aid you with the progress through your struggles. It is especially great for people wanting to incorporate spiritual sensitivity and religious belief into their usual mental health treatment plan. Though not right for everyone, if you are looking for Christian counseling for a number of mental health challenges, this service is one that you should consider looking into.

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