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Online therapy is a new platform for getting mental health treatment, and it has proven to be just as effective as a traditional therapy in some cases. However, there are many options to choose from if you’re looking for specialized treatment or counseling. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the following: ‘BetterHelp’ vs. ‘Pride Counseling’, two of the most popular platforms for online therapy services right now.

BetterhelpPride Counseling
BetterHelp provides specialized and general therapy services in all areas of mental health.While Pride Counseling focuses on LGBTQ and other related issues.
Therapists at Betterhelp are required to continue updating their licenses as and when needed.Therapists at Pride Counseling are not necessarily required to update their licenses if they have joined.
Betterhelp offers flat rates for different session types.Pride Counseling does not have a flat rate for all sessions. The company encourages clients to enroll in long-term sessions.
Does not accept debit & prepaid card supportOffers debit & prepaid card support

BetterHelp is an online therapy provider. It has over 4,000 licensed therapists who are specialized in many areas of mental health. Its mission is to offer people a new alternative to traditional therapy by using digital channels for counseling treatments that can help people live happier, healthier lives.

Pride Counseling is an online therapy provider that specializes in LGBTQ+ related counseling. Its mission is to offer help and counseling to any person in the LGBTQ+ community who might be facing mental health issues related to that matter. It also provides therapy for people with any kind of issue related to mental health.

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4.9 out of 5
  • Easy to Use
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  • Confidential
  • Text, Video or voice session
  • Licensed therapists
Best overall

Pride Counseling

4.5 out of 5
  • LGBTQ+ related issues
  • Offers debit & prepaid card support
  • 24/7
  • Confidential
  • Text, Video or voice session

BetterHelp vs Pride Counseling: Main Differences


Pride Counseling

It offers general and specialized counseling in almost every area related to mental health.

Its main focus is offering counseling in LGBTQ+ related issues.

The sign-up questionnaire is short and general.

The sign-up questionnaire is lengthier since it asks more specific questions regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and more.

It has a seven-day free trial

It has no free trial

Counselors can have specific areas of specialization for their patients

All counselors are also specialized in treating people in the LGBTQ+ community

Sign-Up Process for BetterHelp and Pride Therapy

To sign up for an account at BetterHelp, you have to fill in your nickname and e-mail to register. BetterHelp does not ask you for real credentials if you do not feel comfortable sharing them; however, they do ask you for an emergency contact in case one of the therapists feels that you or someone else might be in danger. After registration, you have to fill out a quick questionnaire which is presented in a multiple-choice question format. Then, you are led to a secured payment system; after paying, BetterHelp pairs you with a therapist, based on your questionnaire’s answers.

Signing up at Pride Counseling is very similar to BetterHelp’s process. The only difference relays on the questionnaire; Pride Therapy features a slightly longer, 20 question-questionnaire, which asks more specific questions about the person, such as sexual orientation, how you identify, and the actual status of your physical and mental state. After going through the registration and payment process, you are led to a secure chat room with a paired therapist.

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Screening Process of BetterHelp and Pride Counseling

The screening process for both sites is almost the same.  According to BetterHelp and Pride Therapy, every single counselor on the site is “a licensed, experienced, and trained psychologist, licensed professional counselor, clinical social worker, or a marriage and family therapist”.

All of the therapists need to have a Masters or Doctorate degree, and furthermore, they have to be certified by their respective state’s professional board. Also, according to both sites, all counselors on the site have three years and at least 2,000 hours of hands-on experience in their field.

Areas of Treatment

BetterHelp and Pride Counseling cover nearly every area in the mental health department.

Some of the areas that are covered by both sites are:

While they cover the same areas, the big difference between the two is that Pride Counseling emphasizes helping people in the LGBTQ+ community, whereas BetterHelp offers a more general approach with their online therapy services.


Phone calls

Video Chats

BetterHelp and Pride Therapy Session Types 

Both BetterHelp and Pride Therapy feature a standard, easy to use, messaging system. When you’re paired with a therapist, all you have to do is send a message, and then, you have to wait for their response, which may vary between therapists.

Using the text chat, you can check previous messages to check past recommendations or to review your progress if you want to. You can also attach some files from your device to communicate more efficiently.

If texting doesn’t work for you, you can ask your counselor to set up a phone or video call. Note that the availability for these services may vary between counselors and they may come with an additional price.

In both platforms, you can use the chat option from a desktop computer and also from your iOS/Android device.

How to Schedule a Session with BetterHelp and Pride Counseling? 

Scheduling a live session in BetterHelp or Pride Therapy depends on your counselor’s availability.

To schedule a session in BetterHelp, you have to ask your therapist first if they offer video or phone calls. If they do, you can arrange a live session with your counselor, choosing a day and hour that fits each parties’ schedule.

In Pride Counseling’s chat box, you have a ‘book’ option at the bottom. To schedule a live session, you have to pick a date using that option and then pressing ‘book’. Your therapist has to let you know if that date works for them; if it doesn’t, the therapist can simply ask you to reschedule to a date both parties are comfortable with.

Pricing and Privacy Policy

Both sites have rigorous privacy policies. They feature SSL encryption for their sites and also, bank grade 256-bit encryption for messages between you and your counselor. Their services and counselors are subject to local and federal laws and are HIPAA-compliant. You can also remain anonymous if you choose; moreover, you can provide a nickname while registering and the sites won’t ask you for credentials.

BetterHelp features a $65/week plan (charged monthly) and includes ultimate counseling. You also get a free seven-day trial.

Pride Therapy also features a $65/week plan (charged monthly), including unlimited counseling. It does not offer a free trial.

Both sites offer to lower the standard price after the first three months of treatment, and you can apply for financial assistance.

Customer Support

It is straightforward! To get in touch with BetterHelp or Pride Counseling’s team, you can fill out a ticket, explaining your issue or comment, or you can write to the company’s e-mail directly.


There’s no real winner between the two. Both sites offer similar counseling services for mental illness and general mental health. You should choose the one that fits your necessities best in the area that you need help.

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