ReGain Online Cousneling Review

We write our honest reviews but we may receive compensation from the below providers if you purchase products or services through the links provided. Read more here is a relationship counseling service that bridges therapy sessions with new-age technology. ReGain’s unique platform connects those seeking counseling with licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited therapists online rather than in person. Unlike other counseling services, ReGain provides counseling sessions that are meant to suit the needs of the users. It is for this reason that ReGain’s counseling is a way to partake in discreet therapy sessions from within the comforts of your own home.

The goal of ReGain counselors is to help individuals and couples work through the problems they face at a comfortable pace but also privately. The counselors at ReGain understand that therapy, whether it be for individual or couples, can be overwhelming. Making the decision to get the help of a professional is a huge step forward in one’s life. It is for this reason that ReGain counselors advertise that they strive to assist clients in a way that best supports the client’s journey and healing.

Pro’s and Con’s

Like anything, the services ReGain Counselling offers comes with both pros and cons. As therapy is highly individual, you may find that some practices and principles apply to you, while others do not. It is best when seeking counseling to make a decision about what works for you.

Here are some pros and cons you may encounter with ReGain Counseling.


  • Ideal for anyone who is not comfortable meeting in person.
  • Counselors with flexible schedule.
  • Crisis specific counselors to help your individual needs.
  • Talk to a counselor anytime and anywhere.
  • ReGain counseling is secure and the services are confidential.
  • The option to do couples counseling together or individually.


  • Stable internet connection.
  • Does not replace nor substitute face-to-face counselling.
  • Unless selected, sessions are not real-time but take place in a private chatroom.

How to Sign Up

It is quite easy to sign up for counseling with ReGain counselors. The first step is to visit the ReGain website and click on the ‘Get Started’ icon. Once here, you are then going to be asked if you are looking for an individual or relationship (couples) counseling. From here, you are then asked to fill out a questionnaire.

As you go through the questionnaire, if you have selected that you are seeking marriage or couple’s counseling, it is going to then ask for your partner to join the ReGain platform. Your partner goes through the same process that you had just completed.

Once all your initial information is entered, you can move on to selecting a therapist and selecting a therapy session slot. Once you have registered, a response may take a few hours or a few days before being connected with a counselor. This is dependent on the availability of your designated counselor.

The entire process is meant to be secure and confidential.

Screening Process

The initial questionnaire you fill out acts as a screening process. The purpose of the questionnaire is to understand the type of help you are looking for. This is one of the ways ReGain selects the right counselor for you. The questionnaire helps determine what areas you are looking to focus on. For example, if you are dealing with personal anxiety or depression, the screening process can help determine this. If you are looking to embark on relationship counseling, the questionnaire asks questions to help understand what type of issues you and your partner are facing. While the questionnaire may seem very personal at times, the point is to help best understand your needs and team you up with the counselor who can best help you reach your goals.

Areas of Treatment

ReGain online counseling services can provide guidance for several different areas of treatment. If you and your partner are facing your relationship issues, ReGain can help you work through those issues. ReGain counselors are also able to help individuals deal with the struggles that come with life. It is the goal of the counselors to help improve your quality of life and your relationships.

It is important to note that ReGain cannot help if you have had thoughts of hurting yourself or others. ReGain also is not a good choice if you have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, if your sessions are court-mandated, or if you are looking to receive a prescription for some type of medication.

Session Types

ReGain specializes in both individual and couples counseling. If you are an individual, your counselor works with you to identify any issues you may be facing. From here, they provide insight to help guide you to a life of happiness.

For couples, your counselor works with you and your partner together to improve your relationship. All typed messages are shared as a group, so you and your partner know what is being said. However, if you would prefer an individual session, this can be arranged with your counselor, and these private messages are not shared with your partner.


Phone calls

Video Chats

How to Schedule a Session

The beauty of ReGain is that you do not actually need to schedule a session. It is counseling that is available 24/7 from any tablet, smartphone, or computer. Because you and your counselor type back and forth in a chat room, you can log on at the time and describe the issues you are facing. When your counselor is available, they respond to you with guidance and insight.

It is possible to set up a time slot with your counselor so you can chat live, but this is something you need to arrange privately. This type of session may also come with an additional cost.

Pricing and Privacy Policy

Depending on the type of sessions you are looking for, the average cost is about $65 per week. To make it easy for you, your credit card or PayPal account is billed monthly. ReGain allows you to cancel your subscription at any time, so you are not locked into any commitment.

ReGain takes your privacy very seriously. No information you provide is shared with third parties and what is discussed with your counselor, stays between you, your counselor, and your partner, if they are part of your sessions. Additionally, ReGain allows you to participate anonymously. When you sign up, you can register as a nickname instead of using your real name. ReGain counselors understand how difficult seeking help can be and which is why the counselors try their best to make clients comfortable and safe. Achieving a safe space, means that clients can be more forthcoming.

Customer Support

ReGain uses fundamental technology that is available on any phone, tablet, or computer. Because of this, you may be able to avoid technological issues. However, in case you do face issues, ReGain offers a contact us tab on the website. Here you can identify the type of issue you are facing. The customer service department then reaches out to help solve the problem you are facing. Additionally, ReGain’s website has a very informative FAQ section where you may be able to find the answers to your question.


ReGain is an online counseling service specializing in individual and relationship counseling. One of the things that makes ReGain counseling different is that they offer therapy sessions 24/7 with experienced and accredited counselors. It is the goal of the ReGain to help identify problems in one’s life that can interfere with one’s ability to find and feel happiness, as well as fulfillment. The counselors at ReGain also strive to provide client’s the necessary tools and resources to maintain their progress during the counseling sessions.

With affordable prices, ReGain counseling is accessible to and for anyone. The focus on client-driven services by providing focused sessions anonymously. ReGain’s platform is accessible at any time of the day, giving clients the outlet they need when they need it. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, ReGain counselors are ready to help get you started.

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