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Couples are going to have issues at times. There are going to be fights and discussions, and you aren’t always going to agree. Most people can move through these problems with ease and realize that the other person has thoughts, opinions, and feelings, too.

However, there can come a time where there’s a significant problem, and you can’t work it out alone. When that happens, relationship therapy can be the best thing for you both.

Best Online Therapy Platforms for Marriage and Couples

Best for Trauma, Anxiety and Support Groups

BetterHelp therapy is one of the top-rated online therapy providers as of today. 

  • 30000+ licensed therapists
  • Live video calls, phone calls, and messaging.
  • Provides counseling in specialized areas of treatment such as anxietydepression, and many others.


  • Multiple communication methods
  • Enables access to professional and experienced board-licensed therapists
  • Transparent on pricing
  • 24/7 availability
  • Patients can switch therapists at any time and as many times as needed


  • No free trial
  • No psychiatric care is available
  • Only one subscription plan is available with the prices varying

Best for People Looking Afforable Therapy is an affordable, convenient, and private online therapy website. It offers a variety of tools and resources to help users, such as worksheets, live sessions, and a journal.


  • Pricing
  • Safety, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Plenty of licensed therapists to choose from
  • Daily worksheet replies Mon-Fri


  • Insurance is not accepted.
  • You are matched with a therapist and not given the option to choose.
  • Not available in all 50 states.

Best for Medication Management Services

TalkSpace is an online therapy platform, that offers private counseling with the help of a network of licensed therapists. Customers can avail special features like unrestricted texting and access to registered as well as qualified therapists without requiring prior appointments. 


  • Three payment plan options
  • Talkspace does accept insurance
  • Offers teen therapy services
  • Includes psychiatric services and medication management
  • Possibility to choose a therapist.


  • The basic plan doesn’t include live sessions
  • Therapists take longer to respond
  • No option for communicating with the therapist via phone
  • Prices vary based on location and therapist availability

What Is Online Marriage Therapy?

Often, marriage therapy is available to help couples strengthen their bond together. Conflicts can be turned into a connection with the right help. Sometimes, one or both parties are facing mental health issues on top of the regular marriage problems that many couples face. In that case, you may need someone who specializes in other therapy services, as well.

Premarital therapy is also available, and this is for couples who aren’t married but are planning to get married. Many times, you are focused on the event and not what comes after. A professional therapist can help you realize that it’s not all fun and games once you’ve signed the paper and said, ‘I do.’

Who Is Online Marriage Therapy For?

Marriage therapy sessions are for anyone who is married or plans to get married. Oftentimes, you’re already having issues relating to the marriage. For example, you might fight over money, worry that your partner is cheating, or feel like there is no sizzle left in the union. These feelings are normal, especially when you’ve been together for a long time. Online marriage therapy can help both you and your spouse work through these problems, learn how to deal with conflict, and turn negatives into positives.

Play Video about Building a Strong Relationship

When Is the Right Time to Start?

Many couples wait to do counseling couples therapy until there is a real problem. A licensed professional can help you work through these issues and come to terms with each other. Sometimes, the love lost can then be rekindled.

However, it’s actually better to consider online therapy when there are no problems in the marriage or when there are just a few minor irritations.


When you choose online therapy, you have a variety of benefits. For one, it’s easier to schedule time with someone. You don’t have to worry as much about being late, having to cancel an appointment, or postponing it. This also leads to more consistency.

Often, it’s impossible to make up a session through in-person therapy, which means you’ve missed an opportunity to work on your relationship. Research studies have shown that people are more willing to work on their marriage when they focus on marriage counselors who offer online services. That’s because you can be in a comfortable place (your home) instead of a cold, sterile psychologist’s office. If you’re working through some sensitive topics, it’s often best to be in a place that is comfortable and known so that you can open up more easily.


Phone calls

Video Chats

Online vs. In-Person

Most people have come to realize that in-person sessions are inconsistent for a variety of reasons. With that comes an ineffective solution to your therapy needs. You aren’t getting what you need, and neither is your partner. Therefore, you may think it doesn’t work and cancel the sessions.

Often, when marriage therapy is started, the couple isn’t in a good place. They’re already struggling with negativity and are likely to be on the offensive and be defensive about what is said. That means the first person is going to also react negatively, and the process continues.

Couples therapists often request multiple sessions within the first few weeks and months because regular meetings are needed. That way, when negativity flares up, it doesn’t undo all of the work that you have all accomplished.

Since it’s often harder for people to take time off work to meet for an hour, this adds to the frustration.

When you use online services, there is more flexibility. You can still meet with a counselor face to face and can experience long-term growth. Though some websites allow for text messages and other communication methods, real-time video conferencing should also be available. That way, you and your partner can both be there.

How Does It Work

Online counseling works similarly to traditional counseling in that you can talk face-to-face. However, you can schedule a session on your lunch break at work, and you and your partner don’t have to be in the same space for it to work.

Live chat is also available and works really well when you are busy but can still type. Single-person therapy is also a possibility here.

Yes, you two are trying to work out your problems, but often, they stem from your personal beliefs. Many times, counselors might request a session with just you and one with only your spouse. This gives the therapist a chance to find out more about each individual so that he or she knows what things to focus on and what the real issue is.

Of course, you and your partner can choose to do it however you want to do so. You may mix it up with live chats, video conferencing, and phone calls. The point is that you two are working on it. To ensure that you see real results, you’re going to have to stay with it for at least two months (eight weeks). This gives you both the chance to see the differences in your lives together and separately.

How to Choose the Best Online Therapist

When choosing the best online marriage therapy, it is important to focus on a few things. For example, you may want to consider the price you’re going to pay. Many therapists offer a free consultation, which helps you get familiar with the process and the person who is going to help you.

It’s also important to focus on whether or not your insurance is going to cover any expenses. If you don’t have insurance at all, then you may want to consider sessions that are lower in price. Those who do have insurance that can cover some or all should focus on what copays they may see and other pertinent information.

Most of the time, counselors want you to commit to a specific amount of sessions each month. While regular visits are important, you may not want to do this. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to sign a contract or be committed to specific times or amounts of sessions.

Your therapist must be board certified. This means that the psychologist has the right training and education. They’ve gone through internships and have at least 2,000 hours in a clinical setting.

Think about going with a counselor who offers both individual and couples therapy. There may come a time where you need to work out something yourself before you can let your partner in. For example, your resentment might need to be worked out so that you and your partner can move forward in the relationship.

Consider how you’re likely to communicate. Are you both going to be at home? If so, you may want to consider video chats for couples’ sessions. However, when someone works outside the house, live chat and phone sessions might be better. Make sure that the counseling space you choose offers three-way video and phone sessions. That way, you can all three call or sign in from different devices instead of having to be on the same one.

Of course, now might also be the time to find out how many therapists are on that particular website. If there are only a few, it might make it harder to schedule a time where you can all meet. Just make sure that once you are provided a therapist, you work with the same one each time. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to start over all the time. This makes you frustrated and never allows you and your spouse to work through issues because you’re always rehashing old ones.

Look for Reviews

When focused on a particular website or counselor, consider looking for reviews about them. Some of the most popular are Talkspace, BetterHelp, and ReGain. You can see a rating (usually out of five stars), as well as pricing, and whether or not a mobile app is available. It’s also helpful to read testimonials from people who have gone through the sessions. Read what they say and focus on their tone and whether or not they seem to like the experience.

Of course, you can’t get everything you need from a review, but it does help you feel more confident to know what others have said about the counselor or counseling site.


When it comes to choosing a therapist for marriage, you’ve got many choices. If you feel that you can’t commit to going to a specific location each time, online options might be right for you. Now is the time to work on your marriage. Don’t wait until things get even worse because it’s a lot harder to move past the resentment and anger. Focus on your present and future and do something good for your spouse and your life together.

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