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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ is a reliable source for insights into mental health, emotional well-being, relationships, parenting, and beyond. Annually, over 100000 individuals consult to enhance their knowledge, evolve personally, and advance on their mental health path. upholds the highest editorial standards in the industry. Our articles are authored by certified therapists or healthcare experts, medically vetted by physicians or qualified medical personnel, and rigorously upheld by our professional editorial team. Discover more here.

Our commitment extends to guiding users through the dynamic realm of online therapy, telepsychiatry, and mental health applications. We have formed a team of mental health advocates who personally experience, thoroughly evaluate, and critically assess a wide array of digital mental health solutions and services.

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Online counseling sessions via video, text or voice calls, is extremely helpful for anyone in need. Any one at most ages can handle the technical side of things and enjoy the comfort of its own home.

Prices varies and starting $69 per week, which is totally worth any penny comparing to traditional therapy sessions.

Testimonials from hundreds of happy clients can never be wrong. I guess this is super objective question and every client is experiencing it differently, and this is why you need to try and test it yourself. 

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