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Online CBT therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, often abbreviated as CBT, is a contemporary talk therapy approach that seeks to identify and change negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as a means of treating mental health issues including but not limited to anxiety and depression.


 An anxiety disorder can be described as an unwell feeling which can either cause you to shake or worry incessantly. Normal anxiety is applied if it appears before generally stress-inducing situations like exams or any preceding medical test and screenings. 

Online OCD therapy

OCD is a mental disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts and disruptive coping mechanisms that diminish the quality of life. Most people describe OCD as a mental hiccup because they find that their brains get fixated on a single event.

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Online counseling sessions via video, text or voice calls, is extremely helpful for anyone in need. Any one at most ages can handle the technical side of things and enjoy the comfort of its own home.

Prices varies and starting $69 per week, which is totally worth any penny comparing to traditional therapy sessions.

Testimonials from hundreds of happy clients can never be wrong. I guess this is super objective question and every client is experiencing it differently, and this is why you need to try and test it yourself. 


Dr. Centre Jr. has been very supportive and professional during our sessions. I have felt listened to and understood, and the advice I have received has helped me understand what I can do to improve myself.
Dr Center
Dr. Hayden Center JR
Renee is great. She's very supportive and has been a good support for Alex, especially in the last couple of months as Alex has faced problems and is stuck in this lockdown.
Renee Marriott
Teen Counseling
Amy is great! She is attentive, helpful and a voice of reason. I really enjoy working with her.
Amy Claude
Amy Claude
Charlene has been very good for us. She is very professional and never comes across as judgmental in any way. She is also empathetic and never seems to “take sides” when discussing our issues. Overall I can’t say enough good things about her.
Marriage Counseling

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