Is Christian Marriage Online Counseling for You?

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is Christian marriage online counseling for you

Nowadays, online counseling is growing. One of the therapies that is offered online is Christian marriage counseling. While it may raise some controversies, this e-therapy can be a great idea that can help you to save your marriage and restore happiness.

What Is It? Who Is It For? When Should I Start?

Couple counseling is a form of mental therapy dedicated to problems in a relationship. Even in the most compatible relationships, some issues, such as lack of quality time, bad communication, or psychological disorders, can appear.

The therapy can restore hope and trust in a relationship and strength of the couple. Couple’s counselors implement various treatment methods, such as emotionally focused therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, behavioral therapy, and much more.

Partners that experience various problems in a relationship, such as overcontrolling, trust issues, infidelity, mental issues, and others, can benefit from contacting a counselor.

If you feel that your marriage is no longer working as it should, or you are facing mental disorders that influence your relationship, you should consult a therapist. The quicker you react to the issue, the better. By responding on time, you give your marriage a second chance.


As a Christian, you may need a counselor that understands and shares your beliefs and values. This way, they can view the problem from a similar perspective and seek a solution that is going to suit your values.

A Christian marriage therapist sees the life of people through Scripture. That means that they are going to see your problems through the Word of God, rather than applying science, culture, or psychology.

Christian Marriage Online Counseling
Group of different women praying together, Christians and Bible study concept.

That means they need to understand psychology and be an expert in reading and interpreting the Word of God. A Christian marriage counselor can use concepts and tools similar to those that secular therapists use, but they are going to be reduced to those who respond to Biblical beliefs.

By choosing a Christian marriage counselor, you can be sure that the therapy is going to proceed with harmony and understanding of your beliefs.

Online vs. In-Person – Online Counseling Advantages + In-Person Counseling Advantages

Online counseling is more cost-efficient than in-person consulting. Sometimes, the therapist’s price is lower when you pick an online option, but you also don’t have any additional costs such as childcare costs, parking payments, petrol expenses, etc.

This type of therapy is very convenient because you don’t need to waste your time to commute. It is especially important for people who are living in more remote areas, for example, villages.

Old Christian Counseling on Marriage

If you are a person who suffers from social anxiety, getting out to see your therapist can be too overwhelming. By using online counseling, you can address your problem without exposing yourself to situations you are not yet ready to face.

While online therapy has a lot of pros, you need to remember that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you or your loved ones suffer from severe mental disorders and can be dangerous to themselves or others, they need to attend face-to-face therapy or be admitted into a facility. Online therapy can be added to, but cannot replace, a traditional form of treatment.

Some people simply prefer a more direct contact with their therapist. Sometimes technology cannot replace human interaction. If you are not tech-savvy and you avoid computers and smartphones, online therapy might not be for you.

How Does Christian Marriage Counseling Work?

Similar to secular therapy, Christian counseling focuses on solving problems that the couple is facing. The therapist helps them find the root of the issue and work on the solutions to heal the marriage and renew the love.

The main difference is that the Christian counselor focuses not only on the relationship between people, but also their commitment to God. Using Christian values and by putting God in the center, a therapist makes it easier for partners to address and work on their problems.

How to Choose the Best Online Christian Marriage Counselor

Choosing the best counselor is always challenging. This is why you should ask for a trusted person’s advice, such as a friend or your spiritual mentor. You can read reviews about therapists on the internet.

Be sure to verify that the counselor you choose is specialized in Christian marriage therapies and that they can guide you through your problem, including the beliefs you have.


A Christian therapist can help already married people as well as couples who are considering marriage and want to lead their shared life together with God.

Choosing a consular who has Biblical knowledge and perspective gives you the security that your Christian values are going to be respected and supported during the therapy.

This way, you can help your marriage while implementing God’s will in your life. You can count on the counseling being full of compassion, which is going to help you live a full, happy life supported by your beliefs.

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