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When it comes to choosing online LGBTQ therapy, you have a lot to consider. Your sexual orientation can be so important that you want to ensure that you choose a professional that takes LGBTQ clients and supports the LGBTQ community.

We think it’s important to consider the right mental health professional because this person isn’t going to judge you and has the training to help those with a variety of issues pertaining to LGBTQ populations.

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What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy allows you to communicate with licensed therapists using a computer or smart device. Common treatment methods include text and email, video chats, phone calls, and live chat.

Who Is Online LGBTQ Therapy For?

Online therapy can work for just about anyone who needs emotional support in their lives. You can work on issues relating to anxiety, stress management, depression, trauma, relational problems, and much more.

There may be times where online therapy isn’t right for you. For example, if you’re thinking about suicide, have a psychosis, or a serious mental illness, you may need to seek in-person treatment, at least at first.

When Is the Right Time to Start?

Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, now is the time to seek help if you are experiencing stress or issues relating to your orientation. Many times, people are hurtful when they learn who you are, which can cause you to have doubts or have your feelings hurt. There’s no reason to feel less than you are just because of your sexual orientation.

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Online LGBTQ therapy might have advantages over regular options. You’re not going to have to travel to a specific place to keep an appointment. Plus, you can wear your pajamas or whatever feels most comfortable without looking or feeling different.

If you’re raising an LGBTQ youth, now is the time to get them into LGBTQ online therapy. Since they are sure to use their smartphones more than not, they may feel more comfortable having sessions online. This allows them to get treatment for their worries and stresses without having to go anywhere.

Online vs. In-person

Online therapy differs significantly from in-person treatment for many reasons. Generally, online therapists don’t provide you with a mental health diagnosis, such as ‘ADHD’ or ‘generalized anxiety disorder.’ However, they can help you work through your mental health issues. Sometimes, online treatments aren’t allowed for court-mandated cases.

However, online therapists, are licensed professionals and can provide similar treatments. If you suffer from depression/anxiety, have an orientation or gender identity crisis, or something else relating to LGBTQ issues now is the time to find a therapist online.

How Does Online LGBTQ Therapy Work?

If you’re looking for the right therapist, Psychology Today can help you find the right options for you. It’s also possible to search for therapists that help LGBTQ people. The gay and lesbian community is going strong, and everyone needs help sometimes. When you turn to a counselor that focuses on LGBTQ concerns, you know that they are going to understand where you come from and the struggles you’re likely to face.

Depending on the options available, you can likely text questions and feelings to your counselor and request a session. You may also talk on live chat about your concerns. Sometimes, face-to-face is necessary, and you can feel like you’re in a traditional setting when you do video conferences.


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How to Choose the Best Online Therapist?

When it comes to choosing the best online LGBTQ therapy, your best bet is to select one that focuses exclusively on LGBTQ needs. You want something that is accessible in a variety of ways so that you can call on someone when you need them most. However, it’s also important that the counselors and sessions are discreet and protected so that you aren’t worried about your personal information and feelings being put out there for the world to see.

It’s often important to make sure that the counselor can help you find out which mental health issues you have, such as depression. You may also have a specific problem relating to the LGBTQ focus, and counselors should be able to help with that as well.

Consider people who have many areas of expertise, such as help with parenting, stress, grief, trauma, sleeping, religion, self-esteem, and more. That way, you can get the assistance you need from the same source, regardless of your situation.

When it comes to choosing a therapy website, Pride Counseling might be an excellent option for you. Every counselor is licensed as a psychologist, marriage/family therapist, social worker, or professional counselor with a doctoral or master’s degree. Plus, they all specialize in the LGBTQ community, as well.

You are matched with someone within 24 hours and can schedule sessions that work best for your needs. However, you’re allowed to message the counselor if an issue occurs. It’s also possible to change counselors if you don’t feel like you and yours are connecting well.

There are many communication methods, including telephone, video conferencing, live chat, and secure text messages. The cost can range from $40 to $70 a week, which is billed monthly, but you can cancel the membership at any time or for any reason.

Of course, your confidentiality and privacy are a significant concern for the company. In fact, you don’t have to provide your real name to your counselor if you don’t desire to do so.

Look for Reviews

Before choosing any online therapy service, it’s important to research a few of them. Consider reading reviews about various options to find out what others like and dislike. You may also want to read testimonials from the website and elsewhere to get a feel for the company and its abilities to serve you.


When you’re interested in online therapy and want it to be focused on the LGBTQ community, you’ve got a few choices. We think that Pride Counseling is a good option for many because it does focus solely on LGBTQ people and their needs. However, you can use the services for things not relating to LGBTQ concerns.

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