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betterhelp couples therapy

Today, mental health has become more critical. People are managing their basic healthcare needs online. Consumers have a variety of options for seeing a doctor without leaving their homes which is due to exponential growth in the telehealth industry.

Nowadays, it is easy to consult with a health professional virtually and have an experience that’s similar to visiting in person. This gives an advantage to counseling and therapy services. There are instances where online consultations are just as effective and much more convenient as in-person sessions.

Today, maintaining a successful relationship can be very difficult, even if both parties want it to work. Fortunately, attending couples therapy with a licensed professional tends to impact troubled relationships positively. But still, people are reluctant to seek out help because of the perceived stigma attached to therapy. But an online service BetterHelp is trying to counter those misconceptions.

Research has shown that online therapy can be a useful first step for those who’re reluctant to seek therapy and help people overcome their fear.  

So, if you or your partner are interested in exploring couples therapy but are reluctant to do it in person, BetterHelp might be helpful for you.

BetterHelp for Couples Therapy:

When couples think of therapy, they will envision in-person therapy sessions in a counseling clinic. When clinic therapy sessions are the only available option, most couples choose not to seek therapy.  Nowadays, there are several options for couples looking to gain the benefits of couple therapy without the additional pressure of in-office therapy sessions. Virtual couple therapy is making it possible for today’s couples to take part in therapy sessions from wherever they wanted to have it.

Through BetterHelp, couples can take part in virtual therapy sessions conducted by the therapist. Couples can securely and privately get connected with the therapist from their own home. Searching for a therapist to provide therapy through a virtual platform often feels less stressful because there isn’t any direct contact. This helps most private couples a way to find the help they need through private therapy sessions 

Benefits of Couples Therapy:

Taking part in virtual sessions regularly can lead to the following long-term benefits which are;

  • Improved communication and new techniques for handling conflict.
  • Experience a re-engagement in the relationship and a reminder of what attracted each other in the first place.
  • Couples should develop a new foundation for their relationship.
  • Speaking openly and honestly about issues, leading to real solutions.

No relationship is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle with conflict. Seeking the help of licensed counselors virtually can provide you with the help. Couples need to work through issues constructively.

Choose a counselor couple agreed on:

When a couple decides to go into virtual therapy, they can end up with a counselor that favors one over the other. Even if the counselor is fair, their personality might mesh with your partner. The best thing about virtual couple therapy is that you and your partner can switch to a new counselor if needed.

Learn to communicate more effectively:

Healthy communication between couples is a cornerstone of a good relationship. A virtual counselor can guide you in understanding how to communicate at the start of the therapy, explain healthy communications, and encourage you to continue using tools after therapy.

Combine Individual and Couples Therapy:

The Couple’s counselors require that both should have an individual counselor. In that way, the couple can bring up issues that one of them needs to deal with privately. While a counselor remains impartial, an individual counselor is there to listen and guide you.

Limit Your Vulnerability:

Deciding to do couple’s therapy is a big step. You might feel vulnerable if others know about having problems in your relationship. With virtual therapy, no one ever needs to know that a couple is seeking help. You can have sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Working of BetterHelp Therapist with Couples Therapy:

Your success in therapy truly depends on your therapist. BetterHelp acknowledges this by providing you and your therapist room to establish the cadence of live sessions that work best for both of you. BetterHelp service is incredibly helpful if your relationship with your therapist is fruitful.

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Therapist Response Times:

BetterHelp plan includes one weekly, scheduled live session, where your therapist will focus on you. It is important, to be honest with your therapist upfront and share your communication expectations with him.

What if Therapist Doesn’t Reply?

Every therapist has a schedule, so it’s important to establish communication and availability. If your schedule doesn’t match with your therapist you shouldn’t hesitate to change your therapist.

Changing your Therapist:

BetterHelp makes it easy to change your therapist if you are not satisfied with your current therapist for any reason. If your therapist takes time to reply to a message. BetterHelp provides the option to switch therapists within your message thread. Switching therapists can have a few major considerations which are;

  • Impersonal shallow
  • Comfort level
  • Therapy not working
  • Communication problem

How Much BetterHelp Cost for Couples Therapy?

BetterHelp isn’t free, but it is affordable in many cases like traditional, in-person therapy. Traditional therapy sessions vary in price but will mostly cost somewhere around $100 to $250 per session, depending on the session duration, and your location. Different payment plans are as follows;

  • Weekly plan: $80/ week
  • Monthly plan: $260- $65/ week
  • Quarterly plan: $540- $45/ week
  • Annual plan: $1820- $35/ week

Wrapping up:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online therapy is becoming more common. It is relatively a new practice, continuing to form its identity and secure its place in the treatment of mental health issues.

Specifically, there should be a better understanding of what issues can be effectively treated online if necessary, as well as what factors make online therapy more successful. Till then, people need to make decisions about what type of therapy is right for them.

BetterHelp might make counseling useful in cases where there are barriers to other counseling options. Online therapy can be necessary for those who are homebound, BetterHelp can provide the option for online therapy.

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