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talkspace FAQ

Talkspace is a digital platform developed by a team of health care industry professionals. It offers an effective alternative to face-to-face therapy through in-app text, video, and audio messaging with thousands of licensed, master-level clinicians available nationwide.

As a contracted virtual visit provider group, Talkspace is a safe and secure way to access an EAP provider via desktop or phone, giving individuals greater flexibility to engage with their care and improve their overall health.

  • Support for depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Experienced and specialized health care professionals are also available for conditions like eating disorders, substance use, or compulsive disorders.
  • Communication via in-app text, video, and audio message. Providers are bound to respond to your queries daily, five days a week, so members don’t have to wait for weeks between appointments.
  • No appointments are required. Members can start therapy immediately from home, work, or any other private location, without calling the provider to schedule a visit.
  • Live video sessions. Members can schedule live video sessions as needed.
  • Provider matching. More than 5,000 credentialed clinicians are available across all 50 states and are matched to members based on needs, preferences, and location.

What technology requirements are necessary for accessing Talkspace?

A smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with internet access is required to access Talkspace. It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Members have the option of utilizing their web browser or downloading the app during therapy. However, devices must have a camera and microphone to access the video and audio capabilities.

Is Talkspace secure?

Yes, Talkspace is entirely safe and secure. Their technology is protected using banking-grade encryption and is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

What are the age requirements for using Talkspace?

Talkspace is available to individuals ages 13+. The platform requires users to indicate their age and provide an automated message and an alternative resource if the user is ineligible.

For which conditions is Talkspace recommended?

Talkspace is recommended for individuals dealing with many common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, or compulsive disorders. It is also recommended for those who may not seek traditional in-person treatment methods for various reasons – such as fear of stigmatization.

Are Talkspace therapists licensed?

Yes, Talkspace has a nationwide network of 5,000 licensed mental health providers, credentialed in accordance with NCQA standards. All the therapists have been trained on the platform and have an average of 7-10 years of experience.

Will I be allowed to change my therapist?

Yes, If you find the relation with your therapist isn’t working, you can request a change, and Talkspace will switch your therapist.

How does messaging therapy work?

Messaging between patients and Talkspace therapists is asynchronous, meaning that users and therapists don’t communicate in real-time. Users can reach out to their therapists as often as they need to and expect to hear back from their therapist within one working day, during business hours, five days per week.

Can I call my therapist over the phone or on Skype?

No, All communication between users and their therapist will only happen via the Talkspace platform, as it is secure and HIPAA compliant (unlike Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, regular phone calls, or other digital communication applications). You can send your therapist video, picture, and audio message only through the Talkspace platform in a private therapy room.

Is Talkspace only available in English?

Services are delivered in English, but its therapist network covers 32 languages. Access to therapy in a language other than English is utterly dependent upon the therapist’s availability in the user’s state of residence.

Does Talkspace offer live sessions?

Yes, you will have access to a complementary live video introduction (10 minutes) to meet your therapist in real-time. You can discuss with your therapist if you’re interested in this option. Please note that live video sessions can only be conducted via the Talkspace mobile app available for Android and iOS.

How does Talkspace handle emergencies?

No, because Talkspace is not a crisis hotline. Talkspace has licensed therapists. They follow legal and clinical protocols if a user is at risk of harming themselves or others and are available at flexible hours per their posted availability calendars that all users can access. Those requiring immediate assistance are encouraged to access emergency services, contact local authorities, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

How often should I contact my therapist?

It is recommended by Talkspace to check in with your therapist at least three times per week for the best possible clinical outcomes. Communicate openly about your need, schedule and figure out a pace that works best for both of you. You can develop an open, trusting dialogue through consistent communication between you and your therapist. Moreover, sign up for daily reminders on your phone.

What browsers are supported by Talkspace?

Although Talkspace is optimized for Google Chrome, it also supports the latest version of all leading browsers Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari. If you are looking for the best Talkspace experience, then Google Chrome is what we recommend.

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