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The world is fully loaded with stressful situations, high conflict issues, and ongoing demands. For many people, a bad temper or bad day is usual and expected, but for others, a little thing sets off an angry explosion that has dozens of negative consequences in its stead. Being stressed out at work or fretting over financial obligations are some of the things that can cause someone to feel helpless and angry.

Studies and several surveys revealed that about one out of every five people in the U.S. suffers from an anger management issue.

If you’re among those living with anger management problems, don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Several anger management options available that will enable you to live a life that is free from the shackles of uncontrolled anger issues.

Tackling anger can sometimes be tricky as it is one of the strongest human emotions. But if you are serious about handling your anger issue, consider the following anger management treatment options.

Anger management Support Groups

Local Anger management support groups are one of the excellent anger management treatment options. These groups provide you valuable knowledge about anger and support from people with similar experiences. If anger control is your problem and suffering from it, this is one of the best anger management options you can choose. You get a chance to share your feelings and ask for advice.

Many support groups lack licensed therapists as mediators. The sessions are led or mediated by group members. Usually, they don’t charge to participate.

Free anger management courses

Free anger management classes help in transmitting proper introductions to anger management. You can find many such courses online, but your needs may or may not be fulfilled due to the diverse material. Sometimes you may be asked to submit a nominal fee to get yourself enrolled in the course, but in many cases, they are free. If you’re opting for courses to advance your anger management skills, it is better to consider free trials or courses that lead to paid classes.

By doing so, you will get valuable information about the course content. You might get materials in some of the free courses, but they vary in scope and effectiveness. Some of the best anger management courses are given below.

One path anger management

One Path is a platform that offers several anger management classes for different people. Some courses are specifically designed for people who suffered domestic violence.

You can get yourself enrolled in the introductory class of basic anger management training. It’s free and mainly focuses on identifying and understanding emotions. If you find it valuable and effective, then you can continue and pay for a certificate.

New hope for anger and domestic violence

The New Hope for Anger and Domestic Violence course helps you understand the relation between emotion and this form of violence. It lasts for eight hours and is completely free. However, if you want a certificate of completion, you must pay a $25 fee.

In case you want a more comprehensive understanding, you can enroll yourself in the other three additional classes. But only graduates of the beginner class are eligible for these courses.

Anger and Irritability Management Skills

U.S. Department of veteran affairs offers an Anger and irritability management skills course. It is purely designed for the people who have served in the military.

The motive of this course is to help people manage their emotions and cooperate with others.

Counseling provided by University/College Students

Students studying in different universities and specifically those in the mental health field, may offer counseling and mental health services. Most of the time, these services are free, or their cost will be much less than other courses.

How to prepare yourself for Free Anger Management Classes

Below are tips on how you can make an anger management class more effective.

  • Ask questions – While attending a local course, ask as many questions as you can. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.
  • Take notes – Make a habit of taking notes. It will help you memorize all the material.
  • Invite your friends – If you are not feeling comfortable in class, invite a friend or a family member to give you company.
  • Establish a routine – You will want to find the time when you can focus. That’s why establish a routing for your classes if you want the best outcome of it.

How long does a typical course last?

People typically spend less time in anger management classes ordered by the court than in individual psychotherapy. Even some courses last one day.

Most of these courses are introductory, and they only help people understand their anger. They do not address the issues behind the anger, such as trauma or relationship difficulties.

Online Assessments for Anger

These anger assessments are the professional evaluation of a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings for the sole purpose of determining whether such qualities may be pathological or disruptive to a person’s overall functioning. It helps you view your emotions from another perspective. Keep in mind that these assessments are not the final diagnosis. Many other factors have to be taken into consideration before any conclusion can be made.

However, these assessments can be the first steps in evaluating whether your anger issues are severe enough to enable professional intervention. You’ll be asked to answer the questions about criticizing yourself or assessing things that make you unhappy.

There are many assessment tools available for personal, business, and youth or school use. Feel free to use it, and you’ll better understand your style of anger.

Wrapping Up

Anger is something that can damage a person’s relationships and career, and it may cause long-lasting legal problems. However, there are many ways to understand and deal with the causes of anger and its effects.

Maybe one of the above options does not work for you; try the next one. A  person may need to try support groups, courses, and every form of therapy before finding the option that effectively works for them.

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