Warning Signs of a Troubled Marriage

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Warning signs of a troubled marriage

Did you know that couples, on average, live in distress for five years or more before they ask for professional help? Every marital relationship and person is different and unique. However, many warning signs and red flags can show significant relationship issues and concerns.

If you find yourself in a troubled marriage with these problems, do not overlook them. Don’t hide your heads in the sand and think these difficulties are only going away anytime soon. Most of the time, they do not! It would help if you started talking to your spouse about it. These are tough times but require necessary deep conversations.

It is fair to say that no one comes to a marriage planning a divorce. If you figured you wouldn’t manage it in the first place, you wouldn’t be wasting your time and money or walking your partner down the aisle. However, every couple faces marital issues.

If you are starting to wonder how to know when your married, sex life is directed to be in pain, read on.

troubled marriage signs

Common Warning Signs of a Marriage in Trouble

Your Love Fizzles

As marriage falls, frustration and distrust overtake the compassion and the affection that used to form the basis for your relationship. You are going out of your way to prevent each other, and you feel better apart than you are together. 

More than a setback, deciding to stay away from one partner proves that your connection with each other is deteriorating. 

Married Couples don’t Dispute at All

Couples that avoid arguments are at risk of developing distrust, resentment, and emotional tension. Married people avoid conflicts and fights. They don’t feel comfortable enough to speak to their partner about difficult issues and emotional abuse. Thus, their relationship is superficial.

A debate is a normal part of a healthy relationship. Differing and disagreeing, where you can tackle issues face-on and overcome struggles together, is a safe and comfortable approach to help you stand firm with the test of time. 

On the contrary, individual people start arguing endlessly and don’t argue reasonably.

You Can’t Communicate

The hallmark of a good relationship is an honest debate,little constructive criticism and if you are not interacting (or just chatting), you should be careful. Failing unions lack their desire and motivation to address marital issues. 

There are less constructive interactions, and shared conflicts are neglected or dismissed. No major problem was ever fixed, the same argument or disagreement was resolved when both partners are unwilling to connect and interact.

Lack of Intimacy 

Indeed, intimacy refers to sex life, but it may also apply to more acts like holding hands, cuddling, kissing, or touching each other while talking. Sex drive is not the essential element of a flourishing marriage, but intimacy is also an essential part. 

If you and your wife spouse feel more like roommates than a couple sharing the warmth of marriage, you have lost a fundamental building stone of your relationship. 

Thus, one spouse can feel more insulted, betrayed, deflated, emotionally distant, frustrated, and hopeless. When anyone has these emotions, several things can happen. You stop spending quality time together, connecting emotionally, and enjoying each other’s company. 

Having an Affair

There are many motives why you may be excited to have an affair. You would like to experience the joy that comes from a new relationship. You may like to have a passionate connection with a particular partner to spend time. You can be desperate for attention and affection. 

You may love taking risks. You may feel lonely and want to communicate with someone you believe is more similar to you.

Also, you may want to get away from marriage trouble, from your normal everyday obligations and habits.  There is no lack of causes you might be considering of straying. Affairs indicate serious trouble in marriages.

Moving beyond marriage does not resolve the underlying problem of marriage problems and discomfort. Affairs eventually lead to unintended difficulties. Problems persist and get worse.

Deceptions, lies, and remorse and humiliation lead to divorce and isolation. Suspicions run high, and trust deteriorates. Therefore, you should do what it takes to keep healthy marriage and your best friend and relationship on track.

Don’t Wait to Seek Professional Help

Don’t wait until your relationship is beyond improvement to seek medical or emotional support, and get the best out of your marital therapy. A professional marriage therapist can be an asset to your family. This person can walk you through the unstable interaction demanded to get your marriage back on the right track.  

The therapist does not pick sides. He helps build trust and comfort. He assists you with communication techniques and skills to overcome poor communication and relationship practices. 

If issues have become unsolvable by your actions and attempts, it is a wise decision to seek professional help.

How counseling helps in fixing a broken marriage?

Licensed marriage counseling can be instrumental in fixing a broken marriage by providing a structured and supportive environment for couples to address their issues. 

A skilled marriage counselor or therapist can facilitate open and constructive communication between partners, helping them express their feelings and concerns in a safe space. 

The counselor acts as a neutral mediator, offering guidance and perspective to promote understanding and empathy. They can help identify unhealthy patterns, teach conflict resolution skills, and provide tools for effective, communication skills, and problem-solving.

Counseling can help uncover underlying issues, heal emotional wounds, rebuild trust, and foster a deeper emotional connection within, ultimately assisting couples in revitalizing their relationship and finding a path toward a healthier and happier marriage.

How do you start saving a marriage that is falling apart?

When a serious marriage is in trouble or falling apart, it requires proactive efforts from both partners to begin the process of saving it. Here are some steps couples therapist take to start repairing a struggling marriage:

  1. Open and honest communication: Create a safe space for dialogue, expressing concerns, needs, and emotions without judgment or defensiveness.

  2. Seek professional help: Consider marriage counseling or therapy. A trained professional can provide guidance, facilitate effective communication, and offer tools to address underlying issues.

  3. Commitment to change: Both partners must be willing to acknowledge their role in the problems and commit to making positive changes individually and as a couple.

  4. Rebuild trust: Transparency, consistency, and honesty are crucial for rebuilding trust. Follow through on commitments and work towards restoring trust through actions.

  5. Quality time and intimacy: Prioritize spending time together, engaging in activities that foster connection, and rebuilding emotional and physical intimacy.

  6. Patience and persistence: Restoring a marriage takes time and effort. Patience and persistence are essential, as setbacks may occur along the way. Stay committed to the process and remain hopeful for positive outcomes.

Remember, every long term marriage is unique, and the journey to save a failing marriage may come in many forms. Professional guidance can provide tailored strategies and support to navigate the challenges that signs your marriage, and rebuild a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.


it is important not to overlook the top signs and any red flag in a troubled marriage. The longer these issues go unaddressed, the more they can deteriorate the relationship. Lack of communication, diminishing love, avoidance of conflicts, and a loss of sexual intimacy, are all indicators of marital distress. 

The temptation of having an affair can further exacerbate marital problems further. Seeking professional help from a marriage therapist can be a valuable resource to guide couples through the necessary steps to rebuild trust, improve communication, and ultimately save their marriage.

 Remember, it is never too early to seek assistance and work towards a healthier and happier relationship.

Marriage Problems FAQs

There are several factors that can weaken a strong marriage. Lack of communication, unresolved conflicts, loss of intimacy, financial problems, infidelity, and a lack of trust can all contribute to marital difficulties. Additionally, external stressors such as work pressures, family issues, and health problems can strain a marriage. It is important for couples to address these issues early on, seek professional help if needed, and actively work towards strengthening their relationship through open communication, trust-building, and shared efforts.

To start saving a marriage that is falling apart, open and honest communication is crucial. Both partners should express their feelings and concerns, actively listen to each other, and work towards finding common ground. Seeking professional help from family therapist or a marriage counselor or therapist can provide guidance and tools to navigate the challenges. Rebuilding trust, prioritizing quality time together, and being willing to make necessary changes are important steps in saving a marriage.

While it is challenging to save a broken marriage alone, it is not impossible. One person can initiate positive changes and take steps towards reconciliation, but it requires effort from both partners to truly rebuild the relationship. Seeking individual therapy or counseling can help in addressing personal issues and gaining insights into deeper issues, which can positively impact the marriage. However, for long-term success, both partners need to be willing to actively participate and work together to repair the bad marriage.

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