Can Online Counselling Help with Addiction?

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Many people feel like their battle with addiction is an individual struggle. This is very untrue as other people are fighting the same struggles with addiction, and there are resources to help.

Some in-person addiction counseling can be unreasonable. First, therapy programs like rehab facilities seem to be ineffective because they can take away months out of people’s lives. Additionally, people struggling with addiction may feel a sense of shame by seeking out help, and it does not help that a lot of these programs can be expensive.

Getting addiction therapy does not have to be this way. Online counseling may be a better option for you.

The Right Time to Reach Out for Help

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), people with substance abuse disorders occur when someone regularly uses alcohol and/or drugs, and their use has a significant impact on daily life. Some of these impacts include failure to complete routine activities in work, home, or school, as well as health problems and impairments.

If you have a feeling that substance use has taken over your daily activity, then you should consider looking into substance abuse treatment. You may think that merely detoxing can treat the addiction; however, you still have a high chance of relapsing. Attending therapy can help with both detoxing and preventing relapse.

Different Treatment Approaches

If you decide to seek out counseling or treatment, there are many approaches to investigate.

One approach is to attend therapy sessions with family members or loved ones. They, too, can be impacted by your struggle with addiction, so you can choose to have them be a part of your recovery process. They can also help motivate you to complete therapy.

Another approach is to attend support groups or participate in group therapy. Many people are fighting the same battle. Group therapy can give you a chance to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction alongside other people with the same struggles.

For people who have a mental health condition, individual therapy is also a good option. Counselors can create a plan that tailors to your personal needs.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also a great approach to addiction counseling. This approach teaches you how to recognize actions, thoughts, and feelings that trigger drug use. With this method, a therapist should teach the skills that replace harmful habits with healthy ones.

The Benefits of Online Counselling

Studies show that online counseling is useful for those battling alcohol and drug addiction. Not only is it typically cheaper, it can also give addicts a safe place to find the help they need.

One advantage of online counseling is that it is accessible to almost anyone with an electronic device and internet connection. If you have both, then you can easily investigate online counseling. Plus, you can get therapy on your own time when it best fits your schedule.

Another benefit of online counseling is that there is more privacy. There is a stigma surrounding counseling and therapy for addiction. People may feel shameful for having to seek out for help. With online counseling, there can be less remorse because you can complete sessions when you want and where you want.

Appropriate Channels to Seek Help From

If you do not know where to start with online counseling or counseling in general, then look into SAMHSA’s national helpline. While they do not provide counseling, they can refer you to other counseling that best fits your needs. Plus, the hotline is available all day, every day.

Other Mental Health Issues that Online Counselling Can Support

While online counseling can help treat addiction, it can also help with other mental health conditions. People with conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression can seek counseling online.

If you feel that online counseling is not sufficient, or you have thoughts of self-harm, please seek out in-person help or more intensive therapy.

People Suitable for Online Counselling and Conclusion

Online counseling can be an effective way to treat addiction. There is more privacy, it can be a bit cheaper, and it is very accessible. Anyone with internet and concern about addiction can participate in online counseling. However, everyone is different; if you feel that online counseling is ineffective, then seek out counseling that is more intensive or more personalized.

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