Headspace Common Questions – FAQ’s Answered

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Headspace FAQs - Common Questions Answered

How to Use Headspace Effectively?

Meditation can be hard, and that’s no secret. However, to get the most of it you must make meditation a habit – or follow the tips below!

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  1. Morning Ritual – statistically, meditation early in the morning is the most effective. It significantly improves your health and makes the best energy booster. Making meditation your morning ritual, not only will prove that Headspace is worth the money, but cleanse your mind as well. So, from now on, once dawn breaks – it’s Meditation o’clock.
  2. Late Meditation – if you’re not an early bird, you can meditate any time of the day. But, it’s crucial to be consistent. The best meditation results are seen after a continual meditation cycle.
  3. Meditation Zone – another valid note concerning meditation habits is finding your peaceful meditation zone. It can be inside or outside the house, as the app works offline, so you can take it to nature, too.
  4. Book of Excuses – it’s essential to jot down what stopped you from meditating, or what made you disrupt your habitual cycle. It’s not a big issue not to meditate one day or two, but it can be a problem if you abandon the habit because it’s hard to get back on concentrating and focusing again. Basically, disrupting your meditation habit will take you back to zero.
  5. Be Flexible – Not every day’s the same, and sometimes you might have to change your usual time schedule or location. Be flexible, and don’t skip meditation, but make time for your routine.

Can I Meditate while Laying in Bed?

Meditation is recommended to do in a seated position, not laying down. But, in some instances, like back pain or other illnesses preventing you from sitting straight, you can meditate horizontally. However, make sure to put a pillow under your head, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor or bed. 

Are There Group Meditation Sessions on Headspace?

Of course! Headspace encourages users to buddy up during meditation, and therefore they offer group meditation sessions to Headspace Plus subscribers. Users of this package get 30 minutes to meditate in a group.

Find More Joy and Happiness with Headspace

How Many Meditations are on Headspace?

Presently, Headspace offers 8 different meditation techniques at your disposal. So, you have:

  • Body Scan
  • Focused Attention
  • Noting
  • Visualization
  • Resting Awareness
  • Loving Kindness
  • Reflection
  • Skillful Compassion

Each meditation technique deals with different elements of calming and insightfulness. Also, regardless of which approach you’ll pick, each technique’s foundation bears the altruistic intention to help you develop and nourish awareness and compassion.

Headspace FAQ

How Do I Start Meditating Again After a Break?

This entirely depends on how long you’ve been absent from the practice. Check the points below to find further instructions on what to do.

  • 2-3 days off – resume where you’ve left off.
  • A week off – start over the pack. 
  • Over a month off – back to basics. It’s important to ensure you’re calm and comfortable with the basics before jumping into an advanced pack.

Is Headspace Good for Anxiety?

Yes. Headspace can significantly improve the overall wellbeing of people with anxiety, or other mental or emotional distress. Studies find that a 10-day Headspace routine reduces stress from 14% to 28%. However, it’s important not to be judgmental at the beginning. The results will be seen only after a consistent and patient routine. 

Do Headspace Sleepcasts Turn off Automatically?

Yes. Each sleep cast is 45-55 minutes long, and after they finish – they stop automatically. You can rest assured that your phone battery won’t be dead in the morning. Or, if you want another story you have to do it manually.

Does Headspace Sleepcast Improve Sleep?

Yes. Headspace Sleepcasts are narrated calmly and peacefully to create a soothing and relaxing environment for the brain to prepare it for sleep. Only focusing on the voice will make you sink into deep and quality sleep. 

Can I Listen to Headspace Offline without a Wi-Fi Connection?

Of course. Headspace is created for indoors and outdoors use, and wherever you feel comfortable using it. 

You can use Headspace to your iOS or Android device offline wherever you want. One option is to relisten your downloaded courses or singles. 

Meditation through Headspace

Here is how to find them:

  1. Go to your Profile (top of the screen)
  2. Go to Settings (top of the screen)
  3. Go to Downloads

Or, if you want new sessions, you can easily download them. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Headspace on your phone or tablet
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon (top of the screen)
  3. Click on Course or single (whatever you want to download)

Wait until the download is complete, and you’ll have the sessions offline. 

To play the sessions offline, make sure you have a red banner on your Home screen. Before you head to the no Wi-Fi zone, check if the sessions are available, so you won’t miss the meditation hours.

Happy Zen hour! 

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