7 Best Platforms for Free Online Therapy

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Everyone faces difficulties of varying magnitude in life, but not everyone can afford to get help. This can be due to lack of accessibility, finances, or many other factors. 

This is where telemedicine – online therapy – hopes to change the world, providing budget-friendly solutions for those in need of counseling.

The online therapy platforms we’ll go over in this article stretch the limit to see just how affordable they can make their services.

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Is Online Therapy Effective?

You can get a lot of useful information and resources from cyber-counseling platforms without ever having to pay.

Even if you can’t access free online therapy sessions with a professional, you can read forums, blog posts, and find free online therapy worksheets to use.

Online therapy has been found to be as effective as in-person sessions by many studies.

If anyone is struggling with mental health issues, free online therapy can be a huge help and play an invaluable role in improving their lifestyle.

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Can I Get Free Therapy or Counseling?

We all know therapy can be expensive, but there appears to be a shift in recent events. With online counseling on the rise – therapy is more accessible and costs less than previously ever imagined.

And sometimes, online therapy can cost nothing at all.

The following sites are the best teletherapy providers that offer support and counseling services for free.

1. eTherapyPro – Best Overall Online Therapy

eTherapyPro is an online therapy platform that allows you to engage with licensed professionals via chat, video, or audio call. 

At sign-up, you will complete a short questionnaire that will help the site match you with a suitable counselor. If it turns out their algorithm has left you dissatisfied, you can switch counselors at any time.

There is a drawback to eTherapyPro as a free platform – the fact that it isn’t fully without charge.

eTherapy Pro can offer free online therapy for anxiety, depression, as well as other disorders, however, only for a few days. After your free 3-day trial has ended, you’ll have to pay for the services.

Users can choose to be charged $55 a week, or save money by opting for a longer subscription and paying $180 a month.

2. CIMHS – Best Structured Free Counseling

CIMHS is a non-profit that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The site’s dedicated to providing free online therapy for depression through Bliss – its interactive therapy program.

The treatment aims to teach participants common cognitive behavioral therapy – CBT – techniques that can be implemented to improve mental well-being. Since CBT is a structured approach to psychotherapy, the program is only 8 sessions long.

In this time, users gain valuable tools to combat depressive episodes, and the whole service is completely free.

3. 7 Cups – Useful and Free Online Therapy for Minors

7 Cups primarily offers free emotional support. There is a free 24/7 Chat available where you can connect with trained volunteers who will listen to your issues.

Listeners can specialize in different issues and can have 27 different levels of experience ranging from newbie to epitome status.

The site offers teen community forums where users aged 13-17 can find peer-to-peer emotional support.

All of these services are free after you sign up, however, 7 Cups also offers counseling done by licensed therapists at a cost of $150 a month.

The 7 Cups app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Anyone can use this application, or the desktop version of the site, and share their troubles with volunteers – or even become a listener themselves.

4. BlahTherapy – Free Online Therapy for Teens

Blah therapy offers free emotional support chat where you are matched with others.
You can choose to either vent or listen. The site also offers psychic reader chat sessions, which are free only for the first 3 minutes.

Although free online therapy sessions aren’t available, BlahTherapy is a BetterHelp affiliate and relies on its partner to match users with one of the thousands of trained therapists. While you need to pay for this service, sessions come at an affordable price.

Blah therapy does have free online therapy resources available on its blog – and offers free online therapy support groups and forums.


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5. TickTalkTo – Most Accessible Service

TickTalkTo specializes in talk therapy, so the main service offered is the available chatting with a happiness expert.

This is free, however, if you want to talk to a professional counselor you will have to pay varying amounts. The site has a well-designed app for both Android and iOS.

6. Free Online Therapy – The Most Free Services Offered

Free Online Therapy is a site that offers free 24/7 chat services where you are connected with volunteers. To talk to licensed therapists you’d need to subscribe.

However, if you’d like to have a test run, Free Online Therapy offers a 7 day free trial for both its individual and couples therapy subscription plans.

After the first week is up, though, you will be charged $35 to $70 if you intend to continue using the professional counseling services.

7. IPrevail – Best Peer to Peer Coaching

IPrevail is yet another site that offers free coaching sessions with peers, however, charges for full access to its features – such as sessions with licensed therapists.

iPrevail focuses on CBT approaches to treatment, and offers many free resources users can read and learn from. 

Even though professional counseling requires a subscription, it only costs $9.99 which is far more affordable than even other e-therapy providers.

The site also includes gifts and rewards for completing programs and taking care of yourself.

Free Online Therapy: Final Remarks

As you may have noticed, most of the sites reviewed offer free support and sometimes coaching, but free online therapy is hard to find.

Free trials are great, but hardly long enough for much progress to be made. Still, licensed therapists need to make money, and counseling is their job, so for professional services, users do have to pay up.

Even so, many of the support systems created by these sites are useful in improving mental health outcomes for people.

Even those who charge for qualified counseling are a fraction of traditional therapy costs – so if you’re willing to spend a little, professional help can be delivered affordably.

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